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Sedona's leading fractal artist, Mary Elizabeth Leach (Raines)

Mary Elizabeth Leach (Raines), of Sedona, Arizona, is considered to be an expert fractal artist, and has been working extensively with this medium since January 2011. She has spent a lifetime working with other mediums, such as oils and watercolors, and has been an award-winning artist. While friends have enjoyed her collection of fractal artwork, it took six years for her to refine her skills before she felt that the quality of her Laughing Cherub fractal designs was professional enough to offer them to the public.

What is fractal art?
Even good artists are sometimes confused by what comprises expert fractal designs. Fractal art uses mathematical algorithms to create art. A fractal is a design that replicates itself endlessly. Raines compares creating this art to gardening on one's computer. The gardener works in cooperation with the earth, sun, and rain. The fractal artists works with a computer program, and by making intelligent choices, this can result in very interesting art. Nearly anyone possessing good software, in which these mathematical algorithms are encoded, even a young child, can create lovely and sometimes expert-looking fractals, full of color and design.

How can you determine if a fractal piece is expert, as opposed to something anyone could create?
Quite a number of the designs that software produces are easy to replicate, although beginners do not realize this. Calling themselves "artists" is often a misnomer, as no particular skill is required. Amateur fractal art may look exciting, but on second glance, it is often what we call "noisy," meaning that the fractal designs may contain an overwhelming number of overlapping lines and designs that are disorganized and chaotic. While the messy chaos can seem appealing, it is accidental. Anyone can make such noisy (sometimes called "dirty") fractal art with minimal effort. Some do this and charge exorbitant prices! Only through experience that includes years of preparation and hundreds of hours spent these creations does an expert fractal artist learn how to tweak and modify the mathematical algorithms and create beautiful designs that are both deliberate and "clean" without a lot of incidental background mess.

How can I purchase the fractal art of Mary Elizabeth Leach Raines?
The good news is that you do not need to visit a Sedona gallery to obtain a high-quality fractal creation! By the end of summer 2016, the many who have inquired will have opportunities to purchase this artwork on brushed aluminum (recommended), high-quality paper, giclee, or on cards. Please bookmark our pages. Prices are always reasonable.

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Fractal Art Designs by Sedona's fractal artist, Mary Elizabeth Leach (Raines)